Insero is proud to announce the addition of Steve Hoffman to the AgOtter sales and support team.

AgOtter was designed for California agriculture.  And as Insero advances its AgOtter product, they are putting the best local service and support boots on the ground in California.  Insero is employing the best in the business – those with extensive experience and a proven track record for success in California agriculture.  Steve Hoffman is one of those people. “Steve has been working for our partner, Agrian, for nearly a decade and I have been working side-by-side with him for many years now,” says Greg Guyette, founder of Insero. “Simply put, he is one of the best ag-customer guys I have ever known.  People like Steve and he likes people.  He genuinely cares about the success of the customer and he loves what AgOtter does for our users.  It is our mission is to make sure each of our customers is thoroughly satisfied with AgOtter and uses it to the fullest.  Steve is the guy that will ensure this happens throughout California.”

Hoffman grew up on the family farm in Walnut Grove California where he became involved in agriculture at a very young age. He enjoyed a 17-year career in the Ag Retail industry with Crop Production Services, where he did everything from managing the application department to eventually managing his own branch. Most recently, Hoffman was the division manager at Agrian Inc. helping clients engage with Agrian’s NextGen product and compliance tools to help producers maintain better records for their compliance and precision record keeping.

“I have a passion for Precision Ag and the products that help our industry become more productive and sustainable. A product like AgOtter simplifies the process to help us achieve these goals,” says Hoffman. “AgOtter gives clients the ability to actively calibrate on the fly and ensure the right rate is applied to the right acre, all with a record that it was done correctly and efficiently. This tool is a valuable start towards a more sustainable, compliant, and profitable operation. I believe we must pursue these goals to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation of Agriculture.”

Connect with Steve on Linkedin ( or by email at

Hoffman is the most recent addition to the AgOtter team and is a direct example of Insero’s “sprayer first; technology second” commitment. AgOtter, a product of Insero, uses state-of-the-art technology to place control and monitoring of your sprayer at your fingertips using iPhone or Ipad.  Regardless of full coverage tree canopies, AgOtter integrates inertial navigation and GPS to accurately control and record your application. Find out more at


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